Delilah Lee

Footsteps on an empty stair, music from an untouched dulcimer, whispers full of pain and vengeance…Maura fears that she’s losing her mind; or, even worse, that everything she hears is real. She has retreated to her family’s ancestral home, only to find that home may be the most dangerous place of all. When Z blows into town and joins Maura’s band, he triggers an avalanche of secrets from Maura’s past—and beyond. Featuring moonshine, music, and (possibly) murder, Delilah Lee is an Appalachian tale about battling the ghosts we inherit and the ghosts we create.

2f, 3m

Development History: Inkwell Theatre First Contact reading, presented at Woolly Mammoth

Blue Straggler

A gifted astrophysicist and a rebellious chocolatier fall in love—only to be torn apart by a senseless tragedy. Lisa abandons her dissertation to solve an even larger problem: finding the mathematical formula that will bring Clarissa back to her. Lisa’s world of numbers and equations is increasingly intruded upon by Clarissa’s world of fairy tales, magic, and dreams. In their desperate search to find each other, are they willing to rip apart the fabric of the universe itself?

3f, 1m

Development History: Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series, Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage Festival (with Inkwell Theatre), Inkwell Theatre Inkreading at Woolly Mammoth, Burning Coal Theatre staged reading, Source Festival workshop production. See Press and Photos for more information.

The Deepest Dark (aka From the Forest)

Sadiya fled her native Sudan to build a new life.  Working at a diner in Chicago, she discovers that she can’t outrun the consequences of her past.  Encouraged by an unlikely friendship and faced with the possibility of true love, Sadiya reveals her darkest secrets.

Recipient of an Illinois Arts Council grant for Scriptworks

Development History: Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series, Artistic Home staged reading, Courier 12 Collective staged reading


Disaster Division

Amanda has a problem. A big one. And there’s only one option left—a trip to see Betty in the Department of Romantic Encounters, Disaster Division. Will Betty be able to grant Amanda’s biggest wish? And will Amanda survive it if she does? And who is that guy with the ukulele?

2f, 1m

Development History: NYC Cherry Picking Festival, Snapshots 20/20 (production)

Fear Paralysis

Annie has not gotten off the floor for the past week. Reasonable, considering that she thinks the sky is literally falling. Can big sis Maggie get Annie to stand on her own two feet?


Development history: Chicago Dramatists 10-minute series

Falling For It

Two cousins go for a hike in the remote mountains of Colorado. Simon has one thing on his mind, but Kat has a different agenda entirely.

1f, 1m

Development History: Courier 12 Collective Summer Shorts