So much of a person’s story is revealed through the subtleties of pronunciation, or the rhythm and tune of speech. This observation holds as true for characters on stage as it does for people on the street. Nothing will bring an audience into the world of a play more completely than an authentic dialect—and nothing will alienate them faster than a dialect gone wrong.

As a dialect coach, Rebecca strives to maximize authenticity without sacrificing intelligibility. She works collaboratively with the director, the dramaturg, and the actors to find the sound that best represents the text. While being a stickler for detail, she also believes in creating a supportive atmosphere in which actors can discover and grow.

Rebecca has served as dialect coach for many productions, as well as for individual students. Dialect coaching credits include: Titanic (Elon University), The Heretic, Ruined, Good (Burning Coal Theatre), I Capture the Castle, Drood, Pygmalion, Sweeney Todd (Creede Repertory Theatre), Skin in Flames (Stage Left Theatre), and Escanaba in Love (Circle Theatre). Rebecca was the dialect coach for the film The Game of Their Lives, starring Wes Bentley, Gerard Butler, Gavin Rossdale, and John Rhys-Davies.

Rebecca has coached and performed a wide variety of dialects and accents, including: RP, Cockney, Estuary, Midlands, Yorkshire, Cornwall, Irish, Scottish, Russian, German, Yiddish, French, Turkish, Congolese, New York (many varieties), Southern (many varieties). Any dialect can be prepared, given sufficient notice.

Rebecca is available for coaching near the NC Triangle area, or via Skype anywhere in the world. Please contact for details.